Hello and what it means

Hi everyone my name is Liz and I’m just an average 22 year old with many goals and many dreams. Like anyone I have my daily struggles and ambitions and I thought to myself, why not go through life with everyone else?

And it’s this that brings me to my first challenge. Living well. Specifically eating right and learning to get off my ass. Four years ago I was an active gal and a comfortable 130 lbs. Then college, life, career, and stress brought me to be the 160 lb lazy ass person I am today. 

So let’s change this, and let’s change together. My goal righr now is to get back to feeling great and trimming off some weight. I have about two months to do it and I’m excited to get started. Whether anyone else has a goal like mine or just needs some motivation as well, I encourage you to join the journey so we can be the best we can be. Sometimes we detour on our path but it’s our responsibility to get back on.



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