Day one… ish

Good Thursday to you all!

Today was the first day of the challenge.  I’ve been trying to start since the first day of posting but today there were no interruptions, no going out, and sooooo much self control. Unfortunately I have yet to exercise but I am almost at my 10,000 steps for the day so let’s try our best because there’s still daylight to burn.

But on the bright side here’s what I ate today:

First (not pictured) were some egg breakfast muffins with a few cherries on the side totaling in only 122 cals.

Next up for lunch was some lean slow cooker fajitas at 300 cals. Very tasty, spicy, and easy.

Finally some zucchini noodles and turkey meatballs sealed the main meals for the day. Not sure how many cals, but pretty low in the budget.


As to crave my sweet tooth for the day and to help with the munchies I had a homemade froyo pop and some popcorn.


Let me know what you had today, what recipes worked, and if you met your daily goals. It took me a few days to get there but we can make it work! Good luck!


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