Day tres


Ok everyone whether it’s your first day, your third day, or your last day we’re all doing good and we all got this. Day three of my challenge is going pretty well. So well that I wanted to share a recipe for some clean eating meatloaf that tasted pretty darn good and filled me up. But first, let’s take into account everything eaten today:

Breakfast: Oatmeal and berries and bananas with a side of tea and honey. (pictured above)The tea is from teavana flavored youth berry & Wild orange blossom and with a splash of all natural honey it fit perfectly. Total calls was about 200.

Lunch: Below was lunch. Another sweet kale salad from Taylor Farms. It’s prepackaged but worth it. I love the salad kits like these because they’re flavor matched and super easy to make. They also last about the whole week so they’re great to throw into my day if I mess up a planned day or I’m feeling lazy. This particular pack is just 35 cals without the dressing, but with it, it’s  about 150. I added the dressing and went for it because there were some big brussels sprout slices that were too dry without it. Other than that I just had another cup of tea (cause you know, I’ that person that reuses the tea bags to get my money’s worth) but without the honey. Leaving me at 150 and still feeling clean. So far oats and greens.


Dinner: Alrighty so the moment we’re all waiting for, the meatloaf recipe that filled me to the brim and tasted oh so much better than I thought it would. The basics were from Hungry girl’s Clean & Hungry recipe book, but I adjusted it to my taste. 1/5th or 1 serving of this baby is only 200 cals which is great because then you can load up on sides or even make a bit of a sandwich with it for left overs. Anyways let’s begin:


Start of by dicing to the best of your ability about 1/2 cup worth of celery, carrot, and onion each. As you can tell I did a little more onion because I love it in my loaf. Just throw these in a skillet with 1/4 cup of water and 1 tbsp of olive oil (or any oil, won’t really matter, it just helps with the sticking more than the flavor) and cook those suckers till they are soft/ all the water is gone. Then add a clove (or the little section from the actual garlic bunch thingy) and give some flavor to your veggies.


While you got your veggies going it’s a good time to get the meat ready. I threw in 1.5 lbs of lean ground turkey with 2 eggs. Then 1/4 cup of panko crumbs with a dash of pepper. Now this is where it gets fun. This is a spicy loaf, so you can add as much spice and hot stuff as you want. I added about 1 tsp of some spice mix I had and maybe about 2 tbls. of hot sauce I had lying around.

Just combine all those ingredients and add the veggies when they’re done getting soft. Combine again and pop that loaf in for 50 minutes at 400 F. In about the last five minutes of cooking go ahead and glaze with 2 tablespoons of ketchup with some more hot sauce.


And there you have it, turkey loaf filled with veggies. I had a side of sweet potato fries (frozen but all natural because I suck at making them on my own) and a dab of ketchup with pepper. This meal totaled me at 350 cals… I mean 430 if you count the grape juice I had.

As of now it’s still a little early in the day, only 4:00 pm, so I’m sure I’ll get some hunger cravings later. Fortunately I’m going to my little cousin’s birthday where I’m going to lightly snack and test my self-control. I’m at 780 cals  right now so that gives me about 2-300 to spare on tonight. My main goal overall for this challenge is to do better eating, not to calorie count. But I do like to do this if I’m going out to eat or to an event with food because it helps remind me about my mission. I’m thinking about packing some fruit or a granola bar in my purse to save me if there’s nothing that’s totally healthy there. It’s been a good clean day so far and I’ve had plenty of exercise with deep cleaning the house today, but you never know!

Alright amigos good luck with your challenges and let me know how your loaf turned out! Let me know about your day, your progress, your challenge, and everything else in between!


P.S. let me know if you guys want more recipes as we go on this journey!


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