Day IV



Hell hot stuffs. I come with a good greeting because I know you’ll all be a bit disappointed in me when I tell you last night put me over the edge… remember that party I went to? Well it had pizza and cake… and not just any cake, tres leches. After not having pizza for ages and seeing every kid walk by with it piling high on their plates I had to have a slice, even if it was little ceaser’s (yuck I know but it’s pizzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa). Then of course I dove into a big slice of the home made tres leeches. Which by the way if you have had it before you feel I was in the right, and if you haven’t had it before, I suggest this be your “cheat” meal/dessert/ reward of the week. I was proud that I only had one slice of pizza and one slice of cake and didn’t get into cupcakes, candies, chips or dip or anything else. Still I could have had more self control, after all I packed my veggie sticks like I said I would. But veggies could not compare. So now I’m rewriting day three as a bust.

Today on day 4, however, has been way better. It’s 4:00pm and the day has been good. I woke up feeling a little sluggish from the binge last night so I went on a nice 20 minute jog  to help loosen things up and get light on my toes again. Then my meals went as followed:

Breakfast: As pictured above, I had some egg basket, muffin things that I keep mentioning and a cup of coffee. There was just a small serving of creamer in it, but after drinking it today, I decided to invest in some new creamer because coffee-mate is just not cutting it. Any suggestions that are hazelnut and almond free?

About 200 cals.

Lunch: I was a bit on the run with my boyfriend so we picked up some Jimmy John’s. Not the cleanest eat I could get on the go, but also not the worst. I only picked up a Turkey Tom (500 cals?!?!) and had veggie sticks and water on the side. It filled me up but not in a heavy way, so I say it’s a win. I know all those calories come from their bread and mayo but weighing it against my other options like Wendy’s or McDonald’s or Panda, this wasn’t so bad.

About 500 cals.

Dinner: Dinner is not such an exciting story. Just had leftover turkey loaf with sweet potato fries again (because they are heaven). I really wanted to make a new chicken dish but my friend invited me to the pool. It’s another little get together but it’s bring your own food and drinks. Fortunately this is a good thing because I’ve had dinner before hand which means I can snack on veggies and a granola bar and have an “adult beverage.” I think having control rather than hand outs is a big key. I’ll talk more about that in another post later.

About 350 cals.

So for those of you counting, today’s intake is at 1,050 thus far. With a granola bar, veggie sticks, and a drink that puts me up to about 1,200. Which is not too shabby, especially since I got a little exercise in this morning and I’ll be doing a little swimming later.

Until tomorrow my fellow struggles. Remember, tell me how your day went, what’s up, what’s down, and what’s all around.


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