Tips & Tricks: Meal Planning

Hola all. So looking back at the week as it comes to an end I realized that I’ve been having a little trouble sticking to my clean eats. So I’m turning back to a practice that worked for me in the past. Meal planning. Now it’s not extreme meal planning and there’s no meal prepping. It’s just getting a plan together for Monday to Friday to help guide me and remind me that I can do it! Plus it helps with the budgeting and savings! So here’s a video that better explains with vision more than words. Just click the picture below!



Now for those of you interested in my meals for the week I plan on the following:

Breakfast: Oats with fruit from Monday to Friday

Lunch/Dinner: a rotation between turkey loaf, bruschetta chicken, salad, and black bean burgers.


Please share with me all of your ideas, tips, and tricks for staying on track and reminding you that you got this!



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