Day High Five

Hey everyone. My deepest apologizes for not posting on day five. But can you forgive me for posting my meal planning video? Check it out if you haven’t already. It’s a link to my YouTube video since I’m too cheap to pay for service.

Anyways I’ll keep this nice and quick so I can remember to post day six today after my interview. (Wish me luck? )

Yesterday was a day of left overs except for lunch.
breakfast Egg muffin/ basket things ( the last of them) with a side of coffee ( my creamer expires soon so that’s why I’m on a bit of a coffee kick)

Lunch: As pictured below I had the juiciest bruchetta chicken in the world with a side of veggies
It was also pretty tasty but I didn’t real feel full despite the big heaping of chicken. I think I’ll add a bit of rice to the side next time which is a shame because this is my biggest calorie meal yet and I feel it wasn’t all that of a clean eat because it was lightly fried.


dinner: As a day full of leftovers, I had turkey loaf and sweet potatoe fries. Never tired of that.

Othe than that I did snack on some carrots and ranch, a froyo pop, and drink a Gatorade because I was doing a lot of work and sweating like no tomorrow with rearranging my bedroom and yard work. It was the only thing the helped my thirst. Don’t get me wrong though, I drank plenty of water too!


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