Day 6

Good evening everyone. How are your days going? Mine went pretty darn well if I do say so myself. I felt so productive with catching up on yesterday’s post and catching up on some other things today too. I got up early and went for a 20 minute jog. It was pretty nice until the Arizona heat really kicked in. I do need to wake up earlier to beat the heat … I don’t have a gym membership so it’s outside or nothing… Anyways that’s how I started my day. Hot. So I came home for a simple cool down breakfast. I made my own smoothy with ingredients I already had lying around because well, I slacked and put off grocery shopping. I threw in some non fat greek yogurt, soy milk, cherries, blueberries, a bit of Truvia, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. Because why not? It was nice and light for a after a run and I drank it nice and slow to cool down. Yum. I was still feeling a little empty so I decided to boil an egg real quick too. Breakfast: DONE.


Lunch was just some leftovers as usual . I had some of the bruschetta chicken from yesterday with veggies. It’s pretty good reheated in the microwave but it still didn’t fill me up like I was hoping it would despite knowing the same thing yesterday. I don’t think it’s a recipe I’ll make often despite being delicious when freshly made. But you know, I like to feel at least comfortably full after a meal because otherwise my body just complains earlier and my brain thinks I haven’t fed myself.

In other news dinner was a big success. I ate lunch earlier before an interview and only had water and a granola bar to survive on until I got back home, which was late-ish. Hungry, tired, and mad at myself that I didn’t have salad mix for once to throw together I knew it was time to make the black bean burgers. They were actually pretty quick to throw together, it was just the heating part that seemed to take forever because I was so hungry. But I made them! Now this was my first time making black bean burgers from scratch. Usually I just grab the morning star brand ones from the freezer section. But black bean burgers are sooooooo muuuuuuch better when freshly made. SO MUCH BETTER. So if you’re a black bean fan out there and patties are your thing please share all the recipes with me. THANK YOU!

Anyways yes, black bean burgers were a success. If you look at the picture you can see that you’re suppose to eat them in lettuce wraps but I was too hungry and we had some burger buns so BAM. I did a full on burger. Which I’m not ashamed of despite trying to clean eat because the days have been going good and sometimes needs come before ideas. With a side of veggies sticks and a bunch of lemon water, I was content.


So I guess I should say what today’s cal total was right? I think around 1,000 is what I got to. And in the end I felt even more proud because I went for an evening walk with my dogs so we all could finish stretching out legs for the day.

Well that’s the end of today’s clean eat post. Let me know what you had today, opinions on black bean burgers, how do you keep your chicken tasty, and what did you do to stay clean. Talk to everyone later!


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