Follow Up to Meal Planning

So quick note/ follow up to my meal planning post and video. As mentioned meal planning not only helps you stay on track and with your goal but it can also be a budget savor. I mentioned that I meal plan every separate week and this is partly because I’m trying new recipes and partly because it’s easier for me to keep track of my groceries and making sure things don’t go bad in my household.

I’m also a big believer in getting my money’s worth and saving every penny I can because if you’re a fellow recent graduate or current college student, or heck even in a money pinch, you know that saving = life.

So just to share what happened with my budget for the first and second week of groceries which provided me with two whole weeks of clean eating I spent a total of $83. Not only was this enough food for two weeks for myself, but I shared quite a few meals with my boyfriend. I’d round that to 2 1/2 weeks of food for two people.

Now this $83 went a long way too because I got to stock up on chicken, spices, and dairy products. You know all those big ticket items that cost a little more than buying the fruits and veggies that are on sale. If I already had some of those staples who knows what my budget would have been. All I know is my wallet would be even happier.

So again I encourage you guys to do just a little strategic planning with your meals and clean eating. It can be discouraging to start off spend way too much and not feeling results right away. So grab your club cards, your savers, your coupons and go for it!

Let me know if you guys want to hear more advice or maybe get a more in-depth post about what I bought and how much it cost. Best of luck to you all and please feel free to share your budget savers when it comes to clean eating!




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