Day 7

Last day of the week everyone and things took a turn for the worst. Breakfast was good, lunch was good, but dinner was horrible. Before I go into the detail of the bad news, let’s review the good:

Breakfast was a delicious bowl of oats and strawberries with a banana side. I felt light and satisfied.
Lunch was a black bean burger with chips on the side because I had a horrible craving for something salty. But again I was full and satisfied.

Then came dinner. I was excited at the start for trying this chickpea flour pizza recipe, especially since I spent four hours the day before making said flour from chickpeas in a can. It was frustrating.

None the less I made the skillet pizza as directed and I was so disappointed. It mostly tasted like chickpeas, was super sofgy, the veggies were cold, and the cheese was sadly melted.

Lesson of the day: do not make chickpea pizza in a skillet or anything with chickpea flour.



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