Day 9

Not too much of an exciting day my friends. So tell me, how is everyone else’s day/week/month/challenge/dog/cat doing? I’m finding as I go along that it’s getting a little easier to make more healthy choices and stick with the clean eats. But I also find that things are getting a little boring. That could be because that chickpea pizza really hurt my soul or because I’ve had a black bean burger just about every day. Who knows? I do know that things are working. At the beginning of the challenge I was 160 and I am proud to say since then I have not only felt better, but I’m looking and doing better. I am now at 155. That’s a little alarming to drop five pounds in two weeks but my body is really liking the change and is adjusting as such. I think the little bit of exercise is good too.

Speaking of exercise, I want that to be the next struggle we address now that the clean eats is kicking in. It’s been hard to motivate myself to get active since I live in Arizona and it was 117 outside. I don’t have a gym membership so if I want my cardio I have to run at 5 am. The nights aren’t even cool enough. So does anyone else have this struggle? Whether you’re dealing with the hot or cold, a weird work schedule, or exercise just doesn’t make sense to you?

Let’s add this to our challenge. And add drinking enough water too. I miss water and have been feeling so dehydrate despite the fact that I thought/think I’m drinking enough water. Well one step at a time people, but if we’re going to exercise let’s stay hydrated!

Meanwhile today’s eats involved oats and berries, another disappointing chickpea pizza (because I gave it a second chance but tossed it to the wind), sushi, and a smoothie.

Let me know your clean eats, habits, bumps in the roads, wins both big and small. Have a fantastic night everyone!


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