Day ~11

Well everyone here comes one of those average struggles when it comes to clean eating… surprise family trip! Yes surprise trips or time crunched notifications that interrupt your schedule.
Today my boyfriend, myself, and his family took a trip to the river to cool off in this 100 some degree weather. I woke up with an hour before we hit the road and my boyfriend made fried tortilla and egg scramble. Not the worst and not the cleanest but damn delicious.
Then for lunch they only had sandwhiches. Ham sandwhiches with mayo and potato chips. Lunch was lost, but what could I do? I accepted fate and went on to enjoy the beautiful day as captured below:


Clean eating is important but I didn’t drown myself in the bad eating. I still made good choices by sticking to water instead of the sport drinks and icecream.
Luckily the day was saved with dinner. I finished the last of my leftovers (besides the soup) with a black bean burger and veggies sticks. Tomorrow is grocery shopping and that means tackling a two week clean eat streak and redeeming myself for the day.

I hope everyone enjoyed their day, saved their day, made good decisions, and are prepared for the weeks to come. We’re a good week into the challenge so I want to hear how everyone’s doing and what the game plan is! And please let me know how you deal with sudden schedule changes!


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