Day 12

Oh man guys, hello. I say oh man because things are getting rough. I’m forgetting to post everyday so instead I’m doing two posts in one day for two days. It’s confusing me a bit, especially since we’re climbing the ladder of days here. I mean I can’t believe day 12 has come and gone. But alas it is because day 12 was so unexciting that I let it slip by. I feel no shame if you don’t even read today’s meal struggle. If you are interested, here it is:

Breakfast : Oats and berries oats and berries

Lunch: Now this is the embarrassing part. I ate out… ish. And after I tried to dedicate the day to healthy eats since the day at the river was a bit of a disaster. But I take full responsibility because I volunteered to have a movie day and I volunteered fast food. So I had whataburger. And you know what boys and girls? It was disappointing. Disappointing as anything because my order got messed up and I knew the universe was messing with me because I made an unhealthy decision. Furthermore, I hadn’t had fast food in forever so whatever unholy grease my food was cooked in, it gave me an upset stomach. So this is something I want to warn you all about when making dietary changes: going back can make you sick, and it’s not worth it. I do believe I learned my lesson and will be more selective in grabbing food on the go.

Dinner: Since lunch filled me up and then ruined me I wasn’t hungry until around 7 and even then I didn’t want anything heavy. So I cracked open my cook book and made some decent cauliflower buffalo bites. People, if you can ever get these while eating out I suggest doing so instead  of making them at home because them bring cauliflower to a whole new level. Mine did not justify, only satiated. But that was the end of my day.



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