Día 13

Hey ya’ll I did it! I had a clean eats day! And I’m sure you did too. Even if you didn’t, remember I know the struggle and plenty others know it too. But that’s okay because adjusting takes time and things come up. It’s OK but it’s no EXCUSE to slack off. You have to wake up motivated each day. I had a rude awakening when I realize how awful I felt yesterday eating Whataburger (which I think it was the fries that did it, not so much the nugget bits, but who knows?) and how pudgy I felt. Not to say I looked in the mirror and called myself fat, but I literally woke up and felt dragged down and heavy. So each day you got to remember the rewarding feeling of being clean; of living a good life. And so today’s post is dedicated to both what I ate and how I exercised. That’s right folks, I have added exercise into the challenge, into the struggles, into my routine. I challenge you all to add something to your own challenges as well. Sure we may not have the food thing down but healthy habits encourage other healthy habits.

So as usual let’s start with food because that is way more interesting than exercise and I am too excited to share what I had for dinner.

Breakfast: OATS AND BERRIES OATS AND BERRIES BECAUSE I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT OKAY??????? But for real I’m gonna have a smoothies tomorrow… because BERRIES!

Lunch: I knew I’d be going out to eat so I had a nice portion of more buffalo cauliflower bites to sooth the soul.

Dinner: TACOS! CLEAN HEALTHY TACOS. For taco Tuesday of course. Tradition. But seriously if you can’t find a clean eats place that makes nice tacos, then you can always make some at home. I know I have a bunch of recipes for some but those are to be saved for a later date because shrimp was not on sale. But for real guys … tacos. I am blessed to have a taco joint nearby that hand makes everything from marinated meat to the taco shells. I’ve inquired before on how healthy they are and how clean so I know what to have expected. Don’t be afraid to do that too. Know what you’re eating! But back to the tacos at hand … behold … and enjoy …


As mentioned before, I exercised today too. I got my lazy butt out of bed at 7 am to go for a run and to do a few other fitness flexes inside because I realized 7 am is still not early enough to go for a jog in Arizona in June. Even if I did run in the shade. So here was my fitness routine today:

10 min jog in the death of heat

15 sit ups

5 crunches

5 leg raises

10 secs plank

3 push ups

15 sit ups

10 regular squats

5 chair dips

10 sec plank

3 push ups

30 squats

Now these are all simple exercises that warm up the muscles and get you going a bit in the morning and it doesn’t take long at all. The source I am using is a 30 day challenge so I’ll be increasing the exercises day by day. Hopefully the running will increase my endurance and the other exercises will increase my strength. It was a simple routine but I sweated and I felt good. Baby steps can lead to great things, but we all know that already. I’ll keep up with posting food and exercise to eventually build up a week by week challenge plan to get us all on track/ create ideas. Some of you may be lost like me, some of you may be on track, and some of you probably just came to see the tacos, but working together and knowing we all go through life is a huge deal. Know that we got this!


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