Day 15

Hello my fellow strugglers. How did you all do today? I know I struggled, but that is okay. My whole day went pretty healthy with exercising and clean eating. I did have a horrible craving for something sweet and we had something to celebrate for.

So quick and true I started breakfast off with a smoothie, at lunch I indulged in some soup, and dinner involved some more of the barbacoa which I forgot to take pictures of … and I know I promised… so maybe on day 17 I will? I can already tell you I forgot to take a picture of it for Day 16… so there’s that.

And I know I shouldn’t be posting a picture of my treat for the day but it came out so beautifully and so delicious that I just had to. I made creme brûlée… from a box haha. I don’t have fancy enough skills to make it from scratch but it comes out pretty good none the less. So here’s a little food porn for you of some sweet stuff. Definitely a little treat at the end of a clean week that doesn’t feel heavy and doesn’t give you diabetes in one go.


So can everyone tell me how your challenges going? Any struggles conquered? And what’s your special occasion treat for when good things happen? Until next time!


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