Days 17 and 18

Hello little struggles. Apologizes for being off the grid until now. I’ve had one of my busiest weekends yet. Saturday was a housewarming party and then getting together with another group of friends. And then yesterday was a day filled with the Grand Canyon and exploring some of northern Arizona.

So my eating was thrown way off and I didn’t have a set brrakfast, lunch, and dinner. So that’s why I’m combining these two days into one post.

Smoothie of berries and coconut milk
Veggie sticks and fruit
2 slices of pepperoni pizza
1 cookie
2 pretzel pizza bites

This day went a little south but I was not ordering the food at any of these get together and I was starving since I left home at 2 and wouldn’t be back till 11:30. So I ate just enough to keep me going.

Breakfast was a wheat English muffin with egg. Also 1/2 of the power shake from the previous post … and coffee.
Then I snacked pretty much all day until 7. My snacks were rice puff rolls, sunflower butter, veggie sticks, granola bar, berries, and seaweed snacks.
Finally I ended the day with a turkey club sandwhich and sweet potato fries.

So yes that was my weekend in a nutshell. I still did the exercises and Saturday and obviously had my intense day on Sunday with hiking the canyon. I’ll be making a short video on that adventure soon. Until tonight my friends, I hope you have a healthy eats day and that you’ve done day 7 as listed on the work out page.

Ta ta!


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