Day 19

19 days. 19 days have now come and gone and I have no idea where I am anymore on this food atruggle. I try my best to stay clean but it seems like there are small waves of bad eating. This weekend was one of them and sadly it extended in to today.

Being on the go as I was, I was treated to can’t chicken and Chinese chicken. Both extremely good and both extremely unhealthy.

And I think it’s time for me to really stop making excuses so I can find the results I long for and the results that I’m sure everyone else is looking for too. I know it’s a struggle to try to jump on the clean eats  train, but we can only get there with the proper motivation.

I hope I’m that motivation for you guys, someone you can look to for inspiration whether it’s that we’re both on track or that you become the strong one and say no, no bad food today.

With that I’ll let you ponder as I am right now on ways to stay motivated other than this blog. It’s really helped me with the exercise, but it’s time to focus on clean eats!


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