Day 20

Hola all! Hope everyone has had a woderous day whether it be in the ordinary or part of the extraordinary. Yesterday I was feeling really crummy about not eating clean but I was fully committed today. Sometimes we have to do that, pick ourselves up out of our slumps and get back on track. Maybe one day we won’t have as many or none at all. But that’s the struggle isn’t it? Trying to stay on track and pick ourselves up? But hey if I can do it, I know you can too.

With that, I hope this check in gets you back on track if you took a little pit stop like I did.

Breakfast : Oats and berries
Lunch: Clean eats barbacoa
Dinner: cauliflower pizza. On this note it was one of the most difficult dishes I have ever made. It was good but totally not worth the effort.


Dessert: Clean eat crepe with yogurt filling and berries.



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