Day 21


Ah a day of rest. A good day. Or as I like to call it, cleaning day. If you’ve been following along with the WORK IT OUT routine, then you’ll note that today is a rest day.On these days I like to take the opportunity to do things that I may be a little too wiped out to do a.k.a. I take this time to clean the house. I know I’m not the only one that feels like cleaning the house is a workout. Dishes, laundry, dusting, SWEEPING AND MOPPING. Oh my now I’m just getting less motivated because I dread cleaning. My house isn’t very big, but it’s always a mess thanks to my roommates. It’s very surprising though how messy the house gets because they’re barely home … I guess that’s just because they’re secretly little hurricanes.

Anyways today is going to be a great day because I’m pushing harder and harder for exercise and clean eats. I hope you are too! It’s already day 21 and that means there’s only a few weeks left till my goal in July to be feeling and looking better.

And here’s today’s menu:

Breakfast: Grain and wheat bagel with low cal cream cheese with berries on the side (I needed a break from smoothies and oats)

Snack: The snack that smiles back Goldfish whole grain (just to get me a little filled till lunch)

Lunch: Barbacoa

Dinner: Most likely some chicken and broccoli cheese crepes. I’ll definitely be posting a picture of this later!


Dessert: Froyo pop because I still have two left in my fridge

Well that’s all for today folks. Look forward to the trip at the Grand Canyon to get an idea of what an INTENSE day is. And for those of you just joining the WORK IT OUT struggle, look forward to a video for Day 8 on how realistic this struggle is. Adios!


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