Day 23

How is everyone doing today? Fantabulous I hope. Despite an odd occurrence today, I know I am. Now you’re probably like… “odd occurrence?” Well let me tell you. Today I only had two meals and a light snack. I was so full today, I pretty much made myself eat one of the meals and the snack because I knew I had to eat something! So let me ask, has anyone else been having some off days with eating? Like you don’t feel as hungry as usual or you’re eating less?

I’m finding this a dangerous blessing. Usually I’m eating every five minutes and giving my self big portions of food. But I think my body has been adjusting to eating the correct servings and if I eat out all that extra fat and oils and who knows what else really fills my body up. I mean, I used to be able to eat like two hot and spicy chickens, a large fry, and a large drink no problem at McDonald’s. Now I think I can only drink water, eat one sandwich, and a small fry. Otherwise I AM SO FULL. But today was really one of those days where I was feeling it.

I let myself sleep in because I did not get a good night’s rest. I woke up at 9:30 and I wasn’t feeling all that hungry, but since I didn’t eat since dinner I was like “yeah better make some breakfast.” So I made my “white smoothie” (yogurt, coconut milk, banana, and a few strawberries) along with a 100 cal wheat english muffin and egg. I also drank cucumber water because I was not feeling the plane jane stuff. And I got addicted to that water. I drank cucumber water all damn day and it was mother *** refreshing. And I’m going to do the same thing tomorrow.

I think maybe the cucumber water helped or because I actually drank the correct amount of water for the day. I have been slacking on that lately… and I’ve always read that water helps with appetite and that sometimes your body gets extra hungry or a little confused because you just need to rehydrate. I also think the cucumber helped my tummy think it was eating instead of drinking. I don’t know, but then again I’m not an expert.

So at around 4 pm I was like, oh lordy lord I better eat something so I can exercise later otherwise I will feel so sluggish and pass out. So I had the left overs from the chicken, broccoli, cheese crepes. Instead of actually putting it in the crepe (which is just basically egg white and protein powder… so like extra protein which is a little ridiculous) I just had it as-is with a side of quinoa and brown rice to give myself some energy for later. Once that all settled in I went for my jog and exercises at around 7:30.

I still wasn’t all that hungry but I did feel a little drained. I filled up on more water and decided to have a little snack just to replenish. So I made an amazing combo of mozzarella cheese (which I am so scared is going to go bad soon. Anyone else feel this way when you have cheese sitting around too long and you’re like ‘nooooo cheese nooo’), tomato, and basil. So like little caprese servings. Except I forgot to put oil/pepper but it was still good… because cheese.


And that’s what I had for today. I felt good, I felt energetic, and I felt like I actually ate right today. But with this unusual day I would really like you guys to comment and let me know how changing your diet and/or eating habits affected your body. It’s a little scary to think I wasn’t hungry for once. Until tomorrow! Au Revoir~


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