Happy Father’s Day (Day 25)


Haha hello everyone. Did ya’ll have a wonderful day celebrating all the hard working men in your life? Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, god fathers, extremely close family friends, cousins, and anyone else?

Today I called all the men in my life. My 93 year old grandpa, my 80-something year old grandpa, god father, and of course my own Dad. And in spirit of this holiday and the hardship of trying to be clean I threw caution to the wind and let the day unwind. It was a day to really be in the moment and although I always encourage you to make good decisions, on holidays and breaks like today it’s good to reward yourself. Trying to focus on something else instead of appreciating what’s in front of you on special days like this gets really distracting and I don’t think it would have been as enjoyable. Especially since this is a holiday to get the family out to eat.

As delicious as food is and as conscious as we should be while eating, it is okay to take a step back and indulge. I know our breakfast this morning was a real topic of conversation. We went to IHOP and many magical things happened.

  1. I ordered a new dish that I never tried. It had scrambled eggs with a bunch of veggies in it and a side of potatoes (not hash browns) and a side of pancakes. It was really good and really filling but I also cried tears of joy when those fluffy little b**** melted in my mouth. It has also been forever since I’ve had pancakes, especially GOOD pancakes. I ate the two side pancakes and nibbled on some of the eggs and potatoes (because I was full and because I wanted to try them fresh) and took the rest home.
  2. I also ordered the iced mocha coffee (which you really need to mix even when it’s delivered to the table). Mocha coffee is my weakness and I can not pass it up. Also free refills … so yeah.
  3. The food brought me so close to my future in-laws. We laughed. We joked. We enjoyed. We definitely centered around how big the omelets were and how tasty the different syrups are. Most importantly we had an epic discussion on chalula and the importance of jalapeños.
  4. I learned so much about a love story. Also saw some embarrassing photos from back in the day.

So this brings me back to my point of letting loose sometimes, especially on occasions and holidays that are important and bring you together. After all, tomorrow we’ll get right back at it.

Other than that kiddos, not much else happened and I’m sorry to say I don’t have any food porn for you. We spent the afternoon shopping and napping (which by the way I got shopping done for my sister’s wedding and had the most refreshing nap). Dinner was light for me because I was still full from breakfast but it was basically 3 little build your own tacos from a place down the street that we did take out for. Carne asada and chicken with guac, beans, and rice. Need I say more?

Well that’s all for now. Until tomorrow my friends. Happy father’s day.


PS I have now officially uploaded a video for DAY 11 on Work it Out Beginners. You can watch to get an idea of how I struggle with the exercises or to see what’s needed for Day 11 instead of reading it. Hope you enjoy!


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