Day 26

What up home skillets? It’s another day which means another struggle. Today mine did center around food. Which sucked because I felt SO on point with everything else. But that is life. And life is good.

So I’ll keep it short and sweet for you. One because nothing exciting happened and two because I am posting this the day after this all happened. *insert awkward smile here*

So anyways… breakfast was my left over IHOP with the egg and potato portion. Now I did a little research on this once I remembered what it was called and here’s the low down:

So I got the Tuscan scramble with the side choice of two pancakes. This is the total meal together. Genius me (but really wimp me because I could not take it on past the pancakes) broke the meal up into two. So I think when you do that, it’s not clllllll that bad? There’s just a hell bunch of cholesterol and sodium.

But moving on… later for lunch I got my noms on with the chicken parmesan with brussel sprouts and quinoa. Yum yum.

A little later I went out with a friend and It wasn’t terribly starving but I wanted a little snack. I was also too cheap to get a normal salad entree so I ordered a small plate wedge salad (by the way we went to California Pizza Kitchen). My friend shared 1 mac and cheese ball thing and I had bread and oil on the side of my salad. All four pieces because I’m worth it. The petite wedge was 280 cals with the worst of it being 27 g of of Total fat, 55 mg of cholesterol, and 330 mg of sodium. Now we ALL KNOW that this is because of the dressing. Iceberg lettuce is just water in leaf form. So I’d recommend putting the dressing on the side. It may look sad when it comes out, but it gives you control. I’ll do this next time but then I again I didn’t have to really do it this time because the chef put my dressing on AFTER the toppings so everything slid off my wedge anyways…

And there we go. I had two foods today from being out and about and I still went under budget with calories but lived on the edge with fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Still wasn’t terrible. Or so I like to think. So be cautious when you go out. Because it might be low-cal and high-everything else.

Tata my friends!


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