The struggle is strong with this one (Day 27)

Hey everyone. I wanted to post this morning already because my current mood is this:


I woke to my alarm this morning but instead of getting out to do yoga, meditate, journal, and put effort into my breakfast I rolled out of bed an hour later and survived off of a bagel and coffee. It is such an off morning. It is such a struggle. So whatever you may have been thinking from previous blogs, I do struggle just like you on more than healthy eating. I struggle with my mornings too no matter how hard I try to be a morning person. Right now in the back of my mind I know I should be off my computer and doing those productive things, but my inner couch potato is screaming NO! With that though, I’ll let you bask in my seamonster hair while I waste a few more minutes on tumblr and try to get motivated for my morning routine. Until tonight my little ducklings!


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