Day 28

I said ¿hola como estas? Wonderful I hope! Well just a few things to talk about today my friends. And all surrounding food… mostly.

So today I did a little shopping because I was inspired to start a little INDOOR herb garden since this AZ weather is killing my OUTDOOR one. But while on the journey I went into target (*audience swoons*) and found the cutest little bottles that I need to go buy more of. They were in the “dollar spot” and I AM IN LOVE:


I died. I simply died when I saw them. And I apologize for the rant/bravo/babbling about these but they are genius. Now most of you are probably thinking these are no big deal because they’re like the mason jar cups with lids and straws in them. And I have to tell you I am not into those because they are so over played and like everyone owns them and they just don’t touch my southern heart like these do. These little milk bottles are the best and are even more adorable in person. The big reason I got them is because of their size and price. Just $3 for two I have found the perfect little containers to put my smoothies, my iced coffee, my iced tea, and my post workout shakes in. They are the perfect size for this so I don’t over in take on extra stuff in liquid form. I can just make a big batch of something, stick them in here, and grab them for the go. And because they’re tall and skinny they don’t take up room in my fridge (that I share with three other people). And I was just thinking how cute these would be for kids to drink lemonade from (and I don’t have kids but that’s okay). But yeah … I’m in love.

So aside from the bottles you can tell I had a smoothie today as a little dessert after dinner because I was still a bit hungry and my sweet tooth was bugging me. In addition to desert breakfast was oatmeals and berries, lunch was more parmesan chicken, and dinner was honey balsamic salmon with green beans. Light meals that kept me going and feeling good.


Something I also wanted to bring up in today’s post is that I’ve been adding more and more healthy habits to my routine every day. These include yoga, meditating, waking up earlier, removing naps, and journaling. I feel way more productive with adding these habits into my routine and I feel more focused than before. In the future I’d like to make a video or post about these habits and how each one can influence your life. Eating healthy and starting to exercise have really made me feel good about myself and has changed my mood a lot. So I hope you guys are getting influenced to and doing well with your struggles and challenges.

My only hope is that I can keep these habits going when I start my job(s). I realize that it might be a little easier for me to incorporate these habits because I’m not in school and I haven’t been working, but I’m excited to conquer that struggle to learn with you guys.

So until tomorrow. Farewell!


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