Days 29,30, and 31?

Ok so wow, it’s been a while. Like 3 days a while and that’s a new record. I know I forget to post maybe a day or two here and there, but never to the point where it’s almost three days in a row. That’s for you guys and because I have a horrible memory in regards to keeping track of what I’ve done both in the realms of food and habits. I remember the last time we talked I had a super awesome day and was feeling really good with incorporating those habits. And I’m still feeling that way. I haven’t gone out to eat (that much I know) and I’ve pretty much been surviving off of tuna sandwiches and chicken parmesan and smoothies (because I have a ton of left overs and I am anticipating trying new recipes just as much as you guys).

So I guess you guys really haven’t missed out on much. I mean especially since my diet has been the same and exercise has been a rest day and an intense day. Which by the way I would love to hear what you guys did for the intense days. I went to the lake with a friend and pretty much swam all day. Then I danced the night away in honor of a friend who is moving out of state and into a new chapter of his life.

But enough tears. In celebration of going through one month on forming our healthy habits, conquering our food struggle, and putting our butts to work I would like to call this the last in depth post about the food struggle! Because it has been one month and we did it! So like my friend moving onto new things, we will too! But don’t worry I’ll still keep you guys update on delicious things like healthy meals out, recipes I’m loving, and anytime there’s a bump in the road for the food journey (especially since I’m about to start TWO jobs and go on a week long vacation). It takes about 66 days to completely form a new habit and we’re almost there. I’m doing well so that’s why I would like to move off of the food and into the next area which is improving the mind. We’ve worked at diet and exercise and now it’s time to move onto the health of the mind (don’t worry I will still be putting up new exercises just like new recipes). Tomorrow I’ll be posting some of my favorite resources that help me keep a healthy mind and stay focus. I’m a strong believer in that sort of stuff in where a balanced mind and body can lead to great things. So I hope you’re prepared to go on this month’s journey with me!


Until tomorrow amigos!


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