Week 1: Baby Steps

I feel I have been MIA and right after I promised a post. For shame on me. Remind me my friends! I know I’m busy but you don’t know that so that is plenty excuse for you to remind me!

Going back to the big picture, I believe the last thing we discussed was moving from clean eating to clean minds and there are so many ways to do this! As a student of the mind I’m excited to share a few apps and resources that I use to help clean out my thoughts and keep a healthy brain going. I meditate, I do yoga, journal, and read. So the first baby step I’d like to introduce you is finding resources that will help you get on track.

First thing is figure out what you would like to practice to help clean your mind. There’s so many routes you can take. After that just start poking around and testing new things. For instance, I’ve been trialing a bunch of apps to figure out what’s best for me (and cheapest). So here it is:


Smiling mind (app) – really good for beginners to learn the basics and increases the level as you go.

Sleep easy (app) – match soothing sounds to a guided meditation to fall asleep to.

Happify (website) – so much. so much glory.


Do yoga with me (website) – lots of free videos ranging from beginner to advanced with different instructors and styles.


A standard notebook (seriously)

One minute journal (app)- literally one minute; open it twice a day for a quote and some quick thoughts.
I hope these resources help you get started and I’m excited to hear about what resources you use to clean our your mind. Until next week my friends!


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