TGIF Update

Hey everyone so I just wanted to give a quick blurb on two things:

1. Uplate about the exercise routine. 

Before I had put up the work it out beginners routine. Now I have begun a second one to actually help with weight loss. It’ll have new exercises and new types of information. It’s a bit more challenging but I know you guys can do it! Just follow it under the “work it out” tab.

2. I have a new recipe! It’s a pretty simple dish that I threw together in 20 minutes. Chicken with pesto zuccini noodles. It comfortably serves two. Either you and someone else or you two times. Depends on if you feel like sharing.


  • 1 big chicken breast or two small ones
  • 4 small zuccini
  • 1/2 cup of low fat ricotta cheese
  • 1/4 cup of pesto mix (look for the healthiest option or make your own. There are benefits for both)


  1. Cook your breast with pinches of salt and pepper and get a good browning going. Once your mouth starts watering you know you’re headed in the right direction.
  2. Spiral or use a veggie peeler to make zuccini noodles (jump on this while you cook the chicken to kill time). I used a peeler so feel no shame.
  3. Throw those noodles in another pan and cook them to softness. After that drain them if they happened to produce a lot of water 
  4. By now your chicken should be done. Take that off the stove and cool on a cutting board. Return noodles to the pan and to medium heat on the stove.
  5. Add pesto and cheese to the noodles and mix all around in the pan. Flipping, pinching, and stirring. It helps if you combine the pesto and cheesé before putting it in… Probably should have said that first…
  6. Now that your noodles are done, plate those bad boys, slice your chicken, top, and enjoy!

Week 1: Baby Steps

I feel I have been MIA and right after I promised a post. For shame on me. Remind me my friends! I know I’m busy but you don’t know that so that is plenty excuse for you to remind me!

Going back to the big picture, I believe the last thing we discussed was moving from clean eating to clean minds and there are so many ways to do this! As a student of the mind I’m excited to share a few apps and resources that I use to help clean out my thoughts and keep a healthy brain going. I meditate, I do yoga, journal, and read. So the first baby step I’d like to introduce you is finding resources that will help you get on track.

First thing is figure out what you would like to practice to help clean your mind. There’s so many routes you can take. After that just start poking around and testing new things. For instance, I’ve been trialing a bunch of apps to figure out what’s best for me (and cheapest). So here it is:


Smiling mind (app) – really good for beginners to learn the basics and increases the level as you go.

Sleep easy (app) – match soothing sounds to a guided meditation to fall asleep to.

Happify (website) – so much. so much glory.


Do yoga with me (website) – lots of free videos ranging from beginner to advanced with different instructors and styles.


A standard notebook (seriously)

One minute journal (app)- literally one minute; open it twice a day for a quote and some quick thoughts.
I hope these resources help you get started and I’m excited to hear about what resources you use to clean our your mind. Until next week my friends!

Days 29,30, and 31?

Ok so wow, it’s been a while. Like 3 days a while and that’s a new record. I know I forget to post maybe a day or two here and there, but never to the point where it’s almost three days in a row. That’s for you guys and because I have a horrible memory in regards to keeping track of what I’ve done both in the realms of food and habits. I remember the last time we talked I had a super awesome day and was feeling really good with incorporating those habits. And I’m still feeling that way. I haven’t gone out to eat (that much I know) and I’ve pretty much been surviving off of tuna sandwiches and chicken parmesan and smoothies (because I have a ton of left overs and I am anticipating trying new recipes just as much as you guys).

So I guess you guys really haven’t missed out on much. I mean especially since my diet has been the same and exercise has been a rest day and an intense day. Which by the way I would love to hear what you guys did for the intense days. I went to the lake with a friend and pretty much swam all day. Then I danced the night away in honor of a friend who is moving out of state and into a new chapter of his life.

But enough tears. In celebration of going through one month on forming our healthy habits, conquering our food struggle, and putting our butts to work I would like to call this the last in depth post about the food struggle! Because it has been one month and we did it! So like my friend moving onto new things, we will too! But don’t worry I’ll still keep you guys update on delicious things like healthy meals out, recipes I’m loving, and anytime there’s a bump in the road for the food journey (especially since I’m about to start TWO jobs and go on a week long vacation). It takes about 66 days to completely form a new habit and we’re almost there. I’m doing well so that’s why I would like to move off of the food and into the next area which is improving the mind. We’ve worked at diet and exercise and now it’s time to move onto the health of the mind (don’t worry I will still be putting up new exercises just like new recipes). Tomorrow I’ll be posting some of my favorite resources that help me keep a healthy mind and stay focus. I’m a strong believer in that sort of stuff in where a balanced mind and body can lead to great things. So I hope you’re prepared to go on this month’s journey with me!


Until tomorrow amigos!

Day 28

I said ¿hola como estas? Wonderful I hope! Well just a few things to talk about today my friends. And all surrounding food… mostly.

So today I did a little shopping because I was inspired to start a little INDOOR herb garden since this AZ weather is killing my OUTDOOR one. But while on the journey I went into target (*audience swoons*) and found the cutest little bottles that I need to go buy more of. They were in the “dollar spot” and I AM IN LOVE:


I died. I simply died when I saw them. And I apologize for the rant/bravo/babbling about these but they are genius. Now most of you are probably thinking these are no big deal because they’re like the mason jar cups with lids and straws in them. And I have to tell you I am not into those because they are so over played and like everyone owns them and they just don’t touch my southern heart like these do. These little milk bottles are the best and are even more adorable in person. The big reason I got them is because of their size and price. Just $3 for two I have found the perfect little containers to put my smoothies, my iced coffee, my iced tea, and my post workout shakes in. They are the perfect size for this so I don’t over in take on extra stuff in liquid form. I can just make a big batch of something, stick them in here, and grab them for the go. And because they’re tall and skinny they don’t take up room in my fridge (that I share with three other people). And I was just thinking how cute these would be for kids to drink lemonade from (and I don’t have kids but that’s okay). But yeah … I’m in love.

So aside from the bottles you can tell I had a smoothie today as a little dessert after dinner because I was still a bit hungry and my sweet tooth was bugging me. In addition to desert breakfast was oatmeals and berries, lunch was more parmesan chicken, and dinner was honey balsamic salmon with green beans. Light meals that kept me going and feeling good.


Something I also wanted to bring up in today’s post is that I’ve been adding more and more healthy habits to my routine every day. These include yoga, meditating, waking up earlier, removing naps, and journaling. I feel way more productive with adding these habits into my routine and I feel more focused than before. In the future I’d like to make a video or post about these habits and how each one can influence your life. Eating healthy and starting to exercise have really made me feel good about myself and has changed my mood a lot. So I hope you guys are getting influenced to and doing well with your struggles and challenges.

My only hope is that I can keep these habits going when I start my job(s). I realize that it might be a little easier for me to incorporate these habits because I’m not in school and I haven’t been working, but I’m excited to conquer that struggle to learn with you guys.

So until tomorrow. Farewell!

The struggle is strong with this one (Day 27)

Hey everyone. I wanted to post this morning already because my current mood is this:


I woke to my alarm this morning but instead of getting out to do yoga, meditate, journal, and put effort into my breakfast I rolled out of bed an hour later and survived off of a bagel and coffee. It is such an off morning. It is such a struggle. So whatever you may have been thinking from previous blogs, I do struggle just like you on more than healthy eating. I struggle with my mornings too no matter how hard I try to be a morning person. Right now in the back of my mind I know I should be off my computer and doing those productive things, but my inner couch potato is screaming NO! With that though, I’ll let you bask in my seamonster hair while I waste a few more minutes on tumblr and try to get motivated for my morning routine. Until tonight my little ducklings!

Day 26

What up home skillets? It’s another day which means another struggle. Today mine did center around food. Which sucked because I felt SO on point with everything else. But that is life. And life is good.

So I’ll keep it short and sweet for you. One because nothing exciting happened and two because I am posting this the day after this all happened. *insert awkward smile here*

So anyways… breakfast was my left over IHOP with the egg and potato portion. Now I did a little research on this once I remembered what it was called and here’s the low down:

So I got the Tuscan scramble with the side choice of two pancakes. This is the total meal together. Genius me (but really wimp me because I could not take it on past the pancakes) broke the meal up into two. So I think when you do that, it’s not clllllll that bad? There’s just a hell bunch of cholesterol and sodium.

But moving on… later for lunch I got my noms on with the chicken parmesan with brussel sprouts and quinoa. Yum yum.

A little later I went out with a friend and It wasn’t terribly starving but I wanted a little snack. I was also too cheap to get a normal salad entree so I ordered a small plate wedge salad (by the way we went to California Pizza Kitchen). My friend shared 1 mac and cheese ball thing and I had bread and oil on the side of my salad. All four pieces because I’m worth it. The petite wedge was 280 cals with the worst of it being 27 g of of Total fat, 55 mg of cholesterol, and 330 mg of sodium. Now we ALL KNOW that this is because of the dressing. Iceberg lettuce is just water in leaf form. So I’d recommend putting the dressing on the side. It may look sad when it comes out, but it gives you control. I’ll do this next time but then I again I didn’t have to really do it this time because the chef put my dressing on AFTER the toppings so everything slid off my wedge anyways…

And there we go. I had two foods today from being out and about and I still went under budget with calories but lived on the edge with fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Still wasn’t terrible. Or so I like to think. So be cautious when you go out. Because it might be low-cal and high-everything else.

Tata my friends!

Happy Father’s Day (Day 25)


Haha hello everyone. Did ya’ll have a wonderful day celebrating all the hard working men in your life? Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, god fathers, extremely close family friends, cousins, and anyone else?

Today I called all the men in my life. My 93 year old grandpa, my 80-something year old grandpa, god father, and of course my own Dad. And in spirit of this holiday and the hardship of trying to be clean I threw caution to the wind and let the day unwind. It was a day to really be in the moment and although I always encourage you to make good decisions, on holidays and breaks like today it’s good to reward yourself. Trying to focus on something else instead of appreciating what’s in front of you on special days like this gets really distracting and I don’t think it would have been as enjoyable. Especially since this is a holiday to get the family out to eat.

As delicious as food is and as conscious as we should be while eating, it is okay to take a step back and indulge. I know our breakfast this morning was a real topic of conversation. We went to IHOP and many magical things happened.

  1. I ordered a new dish that I never tried. It had scrambled eggs with a bunch of veggies in it and a side of potatoes (not hash browns) and a side of pancakes. It was really good and really filling but I also cried tears of joy when those fluffy little b**** melted in my mouth. It has also been forever since I’ve had pancakes, especially GOOD pancakes. I ate the two side pancakes and nibbled on some of the eggs and potatoes (because I was full and because I wanted to try them fresh) and took the rest home.
  2. I also ordered the iced mocha coffee (which you really need to mix even when it’s delivered to the table). Mocha coffee is my weakness and I can not pass it up. Also free refills … so yeah.
  3. The food brought me so close to my future in-laws. We laughed. We joked. We enjoyed. We definitely centered around how big the omelets were and how tasty the different syrups are. Most importantly we had an epic discussion on chalula and the importance of jalapeños.
  4. I learned so much about a love story. Also saw some embarrassing photos from back in the day.

So this brings me back to my point of letting loose sometimes, especially on occasions and holidays that are important and bring you together. After all, tomorrow we’ll get right back at it.

Other than that kiddos, not much else happened and I’m sorry to say I don’t have any food porn for you. We spent the afternoon shopping and napping (which by the way I got shopping done for my sister’s wedding and had the most refreshing nap). Dinner was light for me because I was still full from breakfast but it was basically 3 little build your own tacos from a place down the street that we did take out for. Carne asada and chicken with guac, beans, and rice. Need I say more?

Well that’s all for now. Until tomorrow my friends. Happy father’s day.


PS I have now officially uploaded a video for DAY 11 on Work it Out Beginners. You can watch to get an idea of how I struggle with the exercises or to see what’s needed for Day 11 instead of reading it. Hope you enjoy!

The 24th day

Good evening my friends. Today is another day to just mark off the calendar. Nothing much on my end. It’s been pretty mellow but good. I just ticked some things off my to -do list for around the house and my in-laws started to build a “closet” outside to engulf our laundry units. Since it’s Arizona it’s not too uncommon to have the laundry outside or in the garage. Our sits on our covered patio but because of the dust storms it still gets dirty, so they decided it’d be good to protect it.

But I’m sure you guys didn’t come here to hear about the house upgrade. You came for food, fitness, and clean eats. And that’s what I’ll give you.My appetite was still off this morning. I didn’t wake up hungry like I usually do so I just had a coffee, banana, and bagel with cream cheese (low fat, low cal, low everything, and as natural as possible). No lunch but just a light snack of some chips and salsa as well as seaweed chip/snack things. I promise I’ll post a picture of what I’m talking about one day. By 4:00 by appetite was kind of back and I was motivated to try a new recipe … a new recipe I’m going to share!

Today’s dinner and clean eats is Chicken Parmesan! I originally got the recipe from Hungry Girl but tweaked it a bit to work with what I got. I really want to share it because not only did it taste divine but I feel like I haven’t shared a recipe in ages. But anyways here’s the deliciousness you all came for:




  • 1/4 cup panko crumbs
  • 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • sprinkles of pepper and salt (to taste really)
  • 2 tbs parmesan cheese, grated
  • two 5 ounce chicken breasts (which is just really a chicken breast gut in half)
  • 1 egg (or just the egg white depending on healthy and how much chicken you want)


  1. Now mix everything but the chicken and egg together. Mix it real good.
  2. Scramble up your egg. Whisk baby whisk.
  3. Dip that chicken in the egg like it’s your job. Shake off excess.
  4. Roll that sucker around in the crumbs. Roll, pat, dip, twirl. Whatever.
  5. Then slap that cover coated destiny into a skillet that’s at medium heat and has some nonstick spray going on. Cause you know you want … nay … DESERVE a little crisp.
  6. After about 4 minutes on each side you will behold what the universe planned for you.
  7. Even more so if you top it with a little mozzarella  (because even though you’re eating good you will not restrict your cheese intake) nook it in the microwave for like 20 seconds if this is the path you continue to follow to melt that goodness.


And boo-yah! You have a little bit of heaven on the plate. Filling. Juicy. Destiny. These are just a few adjectives to describe what you’re going to put in your mouth. I paired mine with some brussels drizzled with balsamic-oil vinaigrette dressing. Also a little mound of brown rice and quinoa because I’ll need that energy for my work out later. I hope you all enjoy.

Now besides the deliciousness of the day, my other steps for a cleaner life is drinking plenty of water (that cucumber water), and getting in exercise. This morning I started yoga at home and this evening I’ll walk my dogs and do day 12 of Work it Out Beginners.

Let me know what you did today to get past the average struggles of today. Whether it’s clean eating, getting your water goal, or building a room around your laundry units!

ha det!

Day 23

How is everyone doing today? Fantabulous I hope. Despite an odd occurrence today, I know I am. Now you’re probably like… “odd occurrence?” Well let me tell you. Today I only had two meals and a light snack. I was so full today, I pretty much made myself eat one of the meals and the snack because I knew I had to eat something! So let me ask, has anyone else been having some off days with eating? Like you don’t feel as hungry as usual or you’re eating less?

I’m finding this a dangerous blessing. Usually I’m eating every five minutes and giving my self big portions of food. But I think my body has been adjusting to eating the correct servings and if I eat out all that extra fat and oils and who knows what else really fills my body up. I mean, I used to be able to eat like two hot and spicy chickens, a large fry, and a large drink no problem at McDonald’s. Now I think I can only drink water, eat one sandwich, and a small fry. Otherwise I AM SO FULL. But today was really one of those days where I was feeling it.

I let myself sleep in because I did not get a good night’s rest. I woke up at 9:30 and I wasn’t feeling all that hungry, but since I didn’t eat since dinner I was like “yeah better make some breakfast.” So I made my “white smoothie” (yogurt, coconut milk, banana, and a few strawberries) along with a 100 cal wheat english muffin and egg. I also drank cucumber water because I was not feeling the plane jane stuff. And I got addicted to that water. I drank cucumber water all damn day and it was mother *** refreshing. And I’m going to do the same thing tomorrow.

I think maybe the cucumber water helped or because I actually drank the correct amount of water for the day. I have been slacking on that lately… and I’ve always read that water helps with appetite and that sometimes your body gets extra hungry or a little confused because you just need to rehydrate. I also think the cucumber helped my tummy think it was eating instead of drinking. I don’t know, but then again I’m not an expert.

So at around 4 pm I was like, oh lordy lord I better eat something so I can exercise later otherwise I will feel so sluggish and pass out. So I had the left overs from the chicken, broccoli, cheese crepes. Instead of actually putting it in the crepe (which is just basically egg white and protein powder… so like extra protein which is a little ridiculous) I just had it as-is with a side of quinoa and brown rice to give myself some energy for later. Once that all settled in I went for my jog and exercises at around 7:30.

I still wasn’t all that hungry but I did feel a little drained. I filled up on more water and decided to have a little snack just to replenish. So I made an amazing combo of mozzarella cheese (which I am so scared is going to go bad soon. Anyone else feel this way when you have cheese sitting around too long and you’re like ‘nooooo cheese nooo’), tomato, and basil. So like little caprese servings. Except I forgot to put oil/pepper but it was still good… because cheese.


And that’s what I had for today. I felt good, I felt energetic, and I felt like I actually ate right today. But with this unusual day I would really like you guys to comment and let me know how changing your diet and/or eating habits affected your body. It’s a little scary to think I wasn’t hungry for once. Until tomorrow! Au Revoir~

Day something or another (22)

Morning ya’ll. I don’t know about you, but I woke up in a great mood today. Did my exercises, had a clean eats breakfast (iced coffee and berries), and watched a fantastic TEDtalk. I’m posting the talk this morning because I found it completely fascinating. I also wanted to post it to bring awareness to how we talk and how our words connect to our mental health. It’s important to take care of our bodies and our minds. So I hope you enjoy!

Mariano Sigman: Your words may predict your future mental health13445924_10209765361235863_1511692032_o.jpg


Hey everyone, so I don’t know what’s going on but I have not been feeling 100% since this morning. Everything went great as you can tell, but at around 11 when I got back from running errands I did not feel too good. I definitely lost my appetite and I’ve been feeling a little laggy. I tried napping a bit but that didn’t work. I guess it’s just one of those things. Maybe it’s the change in the weather or maybe it’s me. But anyways I have gotten a bit of an appetite back and I know I should eat while food is appealing so I’m just helping myself to a tuna sandwich and chips. Hopefully I can finish the day strong with taking my dogs for a walk and showering away this feeling. Adios!