Day 21


Ah a day of rest. A good day. Or as I like to call it, cleaning day. If you’ve been following along with the WORK IT OUT routine, then you’ll note that today is a rest day.On these days I like to take the opportunity to do things that I may be a little too wiped out to do a.k.a. I take this time to clean the house. I know I’m not the only one that feels like cleaning the house is a workout. Dishes, laundry, dusting, SWEEPING AND MOPPING. Oh my now I’m just getting less motivated because I dread cleaning. My house isn’t very big, but it’s always a mess thanks to my roommates. It’s very surprising though how messy the house gets because they’re barely home … I guess that’s just because they’re secretly little hurricanes.

Anyways today is going to be a great day because I’m pushing harder and harder for exercise and clean eats. I hope you are too! It’s already day 21 and that means there’s only a few weeks left till my goal in July to be feeling and looking better.

And here’s today’s menu:

Breakfast: Grain and wheat bagel with low cal cream cheese with berries on the side (I needed a break from smoothies and oats)

Snack: The snack that smiles back Goldfish whole grain (just to get me a little filled till lunch)

Lunch: Barbacoa

Dinner: Most likely some chicken and broccoli cheese crepes. I’ll definitely be posting a picture of this later!


Dessert: Froyo pop because I still have two left in my fridge

Well that’s all for today folks. Look forward to the trip at the Grand Canyon to get an idea of what an INTENSE day is. And for those of you just joining the WORK IT OUT struggle, look forward to a video for Day 8 on how realistic this struggle is. Adios!


Day 20

Hola all! Hope everyone has had a woderous day whether it be in the ordinary or part of the extraordinary. Yesterday I was feeling really crummy about not eating clean but I was fully committed today. Sometimes we have to do that, pick ourselves up out of our slumps and get back on track. Maybe one day we won’t have as many or none at all. But that’s the struggle isn’t it? Trying to stay on track and pick ourselves up? But hey if I can do it, I know you can too.

With that, I hope this check in gets you back on track if you took a little pit stop like I did.

Breakfast : Oats and berries
Lunch: Clean eats barbacoa
Dinner: cauliflower pizza. On this note it was one of the most difficult dishes I have ever made. It was good but totally not worth the effort.


Dessert: Clean eat crepe with yogurt filling and berries.


Day 19

19 days. 19 days have now come and gone and I have no idea where I am anymore on this food atruggle. I try my best to stay clean but it seems like there are small waves of bad eating. This weekend was one of them and sadly it extended in to today.

Being on the go as I was, I was treated to can’t chicken and Chinese chicken. Both extremely good and both extremely unhealthy.

And I think it’s time for me to really stop making excuses so I can find the results I long for and the results that I’m sure everyone else is looking for too. I know it’s a struggle to try to jump on the clean eats  train, but we can only get there with the proper motivation.

I hope I’m that motivation for you guys, someone you can look to for inspiration whether it’s that we’re both on track or that you become the strong one and say no, no bad food today.

With that I’ll let you ponder as I am right now on ways to stay motivated other than this blog. It’s really helped me with the exercise, but it’s time to focus on clean eats!

Days 17 and 18

Hello little struggles. Apologizes for being off the grid until now. I’ve had one of my busiest weekends yet. Saturday was a housewarming party and then getting together with another group of friends. And then yesterday was a day filled with the Grand Canyon and exploring some of northern Arizona.

So my eating was thrown way off and I didn’t have a set brrakfast, lunch, and dinner. So that’s why I’m combining these two days into one post.

Smoothie of berries and coconut milk
Veggie sticks and fruit
2 slices of pepperoni pizza
1 cookie
2 pretzel pizza bites

This day went a little south but I was not ordering the food at any of these get together and I was starving since I left home at 2 and wouldn’t be back till 11:30. So I ate just enough to keep me going.

Breakfast was a wheat English muffin with egg. Also 1/2 of the power shake from the previous post … and coffee.
Then I snacked pretty much all day until 7. My snacks were rice puff rolls, sunflower butter, veggie sticks, granola bar, berries, and seaweed snacks.
Finally I ended the day with a turkey club sandwhich and sweet potato fries.

So yes that was my weekend in a nutshell. I still did the exercises and Saturday and obviously had my intense day on Sunday with hiking the canyon. I’ll be making a short video on that adventure soon. Until tonight my friends, I hope you have a healthy eats day and that you’ve done day 7 as listed on the work out page.

Ta ta!

Day 16

Good morning everyone! Happy Day 16! Can you believe we’re two weeks into the challenge and things are going good? Despite the struggles, the humps, the twists, and the turns this challenge has worked for me! I really hope it’s been working for you too. And if not, I’m sure you’ll get there too because everyone is different and it takes some more time for others. I am happy to report that since day one I have lost a few pounds, I have been sleeping better, I feel more motivated, I feel happier, and my skin looks clearer. Have you noticed any good changes? I think it’s really important to keep track of these changes so you know that something is happening. A lot has happened to me and maybe if you don’t see the changes you wanted try to find others. For example if you don’t see a weight change, then maybe you have a mental change like feeling happy or motivated. It’s these small wins that can get us going and build us up.

And with that I wanted to do part one of this post because I made a very delicious smoothie/shake thing. It’s a chocolate banana “nut” shake. Great for post work outs or for starting the morning if you know you can’t snack between breakfast and lunch. I caution to drink this in moderation though if it’s for post work out fills or as a snack because it has a good amount of calories (about 250) for the entire thing. It keeps texture for the day and doesn’t do too bad the next if you mix it up with some ice to add body back to it. So it can last for a while.


Anyways here is the recipe for this chocolatey goodness.

In a blender put:

  • 1 banana
  • 2 tbsp of cocoa powder or cacao powders
  • 1/4 cup of milk (soy, regular, goat, coconut, whatever tickles your fancy)
  • 2 whopping tbsp of sunflower butter
  • however much ice you deem fit depending on the texture and taste of all of the stuff combined.

And there it is. 5 ingredients and super simple. It’s nut free because it has sunflower butter instead of almond or peanut butter. I’m allergic to nuts so this is my safe haven for healthy shakes. You can always use nut substitutes like almond milk or almond butter for this if you like. Like I said the whole thing is about 230 calories which makes it a good breakfast dish. But it is so filling that you’ll probably end up doing two servings.

Well I hope you all enjoy and get to try this sucker for some time. I know this will be in my belly Sunday morning because I’m going on a special trip to the Grand Canyon with a friend and as we’ll be hiking all day I will be starving all day. In which I’ll post all the snacks I plan to take with me on Saturday night.

Adios until this evening amigos!

PS  remember to check out my page “Work it Out Beginners” for staying up to date on the exercises. Today is a rest day which is why I was not in a hurry to post anything. But stay tuned for more! But also remember that even though it’s a rest day, you should still get your 10,000 steps in 🙂 That’s just being healthy!

Day 15

Hello my fellow strugglers. How did you all do today? I know I struggled, but that is okay. My whole day went pretty healthy with exercising and clean eating. I did have a horrible craving for something sweet and we had something to celebrate for.

So quick and true I started breakfast off with a smoothie, at lunch I indulged in some soup, and dinner involved some more of the barbacoa which I forgot to take pictures of … and I know I promised… so maybe on day 17 I will? I can already tell you I forgot to take a picture of it for Day 16… so there’s that.

And I know I shouldn’t be posting a picture of my treat for the day but it came out so beautifully and so delicious that I just had to. I made creme brûlée… from a box haha. I don’t have fancy enough skills to make it from scratch but it comes out pretty good none the less. So here’s a little food porn for you of some sweet stuff. Definitely a little treat at the end of a clean week that doesn’t feel heavy and doesn’t give you diabetes in one go.


So can everyone tell me how your challenges going? Any struggles conquered? And what’s your special occasion treat for when good things happen? Until next time!

Day 14

Good afternoon everyone. Look at us getting in touch before 10 pm. I honestly meant to write this morning so everyone could check out today’s exercise routine, but then I fell asleep as soon as I was done my stretching and since then I went to clean my house. A daily struggle of itself. Anyways, I know it’s not the end of the day yet but I wanted to post the workout now and I’ll talk about food later. That way the day can be salvaged for exercise. I’m making a new dish, so I apologize but the food pictures will have to wait until later.

Anywhooooooooozles, here is today’s exercise routine:

  • 10 minute jog
  • 20 Sit ups
  • 8 Crunches
  • 8 Leg Raises
  • 12 sec Plank
  • 4 Push ups
  • 12 Crunches
  • 12 Prisoner squats (it’s when you put your hand behind your head like you’re getting arrested and pop right up after you’ve squatted. I learned this today so don’t feel silly if you didn’t know)
  • 6 Chair Dips
  • 15 secs Plank
  • 4 Push ups
  • 50 Squats (Can be done altogether if you live that extreme life. If you’re a bit intimidated like I was, then two sets of 25 is your calling. You got this!)

Remember to stretch everyone! I know I woke up sore and struggled to even jog for 10 minutes, but go at your pace but remember to push yourself too… so I guess a push pace? Remember these exercises are things we’re all familiar with and I’m sure we all had to do in gym or for a sport at one point. But you got this. I had it and you do too. Until tonight my friends, may you conquer your struggles!



Well everyone it was another successful clean eats day, so maybe I am getting the hang of this. Are you? It was a simple day with a berry smoothie for breakfast, granola bar snack (because that smoothie did not fill me up after the workout), soup for lunch, and … barbacoa for dinner.

The barbacoa I made was sooooo good because it was so tender. I wish the recipe had made it a little more flavorful, but then again I missed out on some ingredients like the jalapeños and I did not buy the correct kind of diced tomatoes (apparently there’s some that have chiles added to them and I did not know this. Yes, I live under a rock). At  I think 173 calories a serving (before the tortillas) the barbacoa will be pictured… tomorrow.

Anyways good night everyone and good luck tomorrow morning with the rise and shine! And good luck with the next exercise challenge as posted on the new page!


Día 13

Hey ya’ll I did it! I had a clean eats day! And I’m sure you did too. Even if you didn’t, remember I know the struggle and plenty others know it too. But that’s okay because adjusting takes time and things come up. It’s OK but it’s no EXCUSE to slack off. You have to wake up motivated each day. I had a rude awakening when I realize how awful I felt yesterday eating Whataburger (which I think it was the fries that did it, not so much the nugget bits, but who knows?) and how pudgy I felt. Not to say I looked in the mirror and called myself fat, but I literally woke up and felt dragged down and heavy. So each day you got to remember the rewarding feeling of being clean; of living a good life. And so today’s post is dedicated to both what I ate and how I exercised. That’s right folks, I have added exercise into the challenge, into the struggles, into my routine. I challenge you all to add something to your own challenges as well. Sure we may not have the food thing down but healthy habits encourage other healthy habits.

So as usual let’s start with food because that is way more interesting than exercise and I am too excited to share what I had for dinner.

Breakfast: OATS AND BERRIES OATS AND BERRIES BECAUSE I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT OKAY??????? But for real I’m gonna have a smoothies tomorrow… because BERRIES!

Lunch: I knew I’d be going out to eat so I had a nice portion of more buffalo cauliflower bites to sooth the soul.

Dinner: TACOS! CLEAN HEALTHY TACOS. For taco Tuesday of course. Tradition. But seriously if you can’t find a clean eats place that makes nice tacos, then you can always make some at home. I know I have a bunch of recipes for some but those are to be saved for a later date because shrimp was not on sale. But for real guys … tacos. I am blessed to have a taco joint nearby that hand makes everything from marinated meat to the taco shells. I’ve inquired before on how healthy they are and how clean so I know what to have expected. Don’t be afraid to do that too. Know what you’re eating! But back to the tacos at hand … behold … and enjoy …


As mentioned before, I exercised today too. I got my lazy butt out of bed at 7 am to go for a run and to do a few other fitness flexes inside because I realized 7 am is still not early enough to go for a jog in Arizona in June. Even if I did run in the shade. So here was my fitness routine today:

10 min jog in the death of heat

15 sit ups

5 crunches

5 leg raises

10 secs plank

3 push ups

15 sit ups

10 regular squats

5 chair dips

10 sec plank

3 push ups

30 squats

Now these are all simple exercises that warm up the muscles and get you going a bit in the morning and it doesn’t take long at all. The source I am using is a 30 day challenge so I’ll be increasing the exercises day by day. Hopefully the running will increase my endurance and the other exercises will increase my strength. It was a simple routine but I sweated and I felt good. Baby steps can lead to great things, but we all know that already. I’ll keep up with posting food and exercise to eventually build up a week by week challenge plan to get us all on track/ create ideas. Some of you may be lost like me, some of you may be on track, and some of you probably just came to see the tacos, but working together and knowing we all go through life is a huge deal. Know that we got this!

Day 12

Oh man guys, hello. I say oh man because things are getting rough. I’m forgetting to post everyday so instead I’m doing two posts in one day for two days. It’s confusing me a bit, especially since we’re climbing the ladder of days here. I mean I can’t believe day 12 has come and gone. But alas it is because day 12 was so unexciting that I let it slip by. I feel no shame if you don’t even read today’s meal struggle. If you are interested, here it is:

Breakfast : Oats and berries oats and berries

Lunch: Now this is the embarrassing part. I ate out… ish. And after I tried to dedicate the day to healthy eats since the day at the river was a bit of a disaster. But I take full responsibility because I volunteered to have a movie day and I volunteered fast food. So I had whataburger. And you know what boys and girls? It was disappointing. Disappointing as anything because my order got messed up and I knew the universe was messing with me because I made an unhealthy decision. Furthermore, I hadn’t had fast food in forever so whatever unholy grease my food was cooked in, it gave me an upset stomach. So this is something I want to warn you all about when making dietary changes: going back can make you sick, and it’s not worth it. I do believe I learned my lesson and will be more selective in grabbing food on the go.

Dinner: Since lunch filled me up and then ruined me I wasn’t hungry until around 7 and even then I didn’t want anything heavy. So I cracked open my cook book and made some decent cauliflower buffalo bites. People, if you can ever get these while eating out I suggest doing so instead  of making them at home because them bring cauliflower to a whole new level. Mine did not justify, only satiated. But that was the end of my day.


Day ~11

Well everyone here comes one of those average struggles when it comes to clean eating… surprise family trip! Yes surprise trips or time crunched notifications that interrupt your schedule.
Today my boyfriend, myself, and his family took a trip to the river to cool off in this 100 some degree weather. I woke up with an hour before we hit the road and my boyfriend made fried tortilla and egg scramble. Not the worst and not the cleanest but damn delicious.
Then for lunch they only had sandwhiches. Ham sandwhiches with mayo and potato chips. Lunch was lost, but what could I do? I accepted fate and went on to enjoy the beautiful day as captured below:


Clean eating is important but I didn’t drown myself in the bad eating. I still made good choices by sticking to water instead of the sport drinks and icecream.
Luckily the day was saved with dinner. I finished the last of my leftovers (besides the soup) with a black bean burger and veggies sticks. Tomorrow is grocery shopping and that means tackling a two week clean eat streak and redeeming myself for the day.

I hope everyone enjoyed their day, saved their day, made good decisions, and are prepared for the weeks to come. We’re a good week into the challenge so I want to hear how everyone’s doing and what the game plan is! And please let me know how you deal with sudden schedule changes!