Work It Out

Hey everyone welcome to “work it out,” the main hub that directs you to the different levels of fitness plans that I follow. Below are descriptions of the levels that will help you learn to go from couch potato to fiercely fit (aka exercising is no longer painful).

Like many of you, I used to be bounce from fitness to laziness all too much. Eventually it got to the point where I didn’t exercise at all and I would think of the laziest ways to do things (like going to class, shopping, even doing things around the house). By slowly following these different routines I’ve created the habit to get going and get fit. I hope they do the same things for you as they did for me. After all I’m sure we all would like to end up like this crazy fitness nut pictured below. I mean who smiles when they exercise? We kind of have to breath ya know!


Level 1: Work it out Beginners

This routine is one to practice with. It’s a routine to start your progression of rolling off the couch and into your sneakers. It’s not too intense and can be done at your leisure. I started off with this to get motivated to get going. Nothing too complicated but it will work up a bit of a sweat if you actually push yourself. I recommend getting this routine down without missing a day/skipping/ or pausing for a long while. Once you’ve done that it’s time to move on.

Level 2: Easy Fit

This is meant to begin to push you. It starts out nice and simple but has more challenging aspects and is meant for a total body workout. You’ll definitely work up a sweat, but as long as you’ve done level one,  your body should be comfortable with getting things going. It’s the first chance to really be dedicated and push yourself!